XNSPY the Android Spy Software – App Review

Behind the Scenes: I came across this little gem of anapp when searching for an effective tracking and monitoring tool to use for myself and my kids. I had checked out several others as well, but either they were too expensive or had functionality I really did not require and had to pay for anyway.…

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Android : Must Know Facts

Android is now about seven years old. In the course of this time, it has developed a lot. So much so that most people across the world can recognise the green android symbol any time. It is a mobile operating system owned by Google that is found on a wide range of smart phones and…

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The Word Premium Takes On A New Meaning With The LeEco (LeTv)Le 1s

“Relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality and therefore a higher price” is what Oxford has to say about the word “Premium”. But when you look at the smartphone world, the word actually takes on a whole new meaning. The latest translation is noted as, “LeEco Le 1s”. Well, not literal…

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Condition to Pick-up Stylish Android Lollipop Phones

With technological innovations around there are some amazing new smart phones seen coming up in the market. The best of smart phones comes with latest new features like sleek body, lightweight in nature, latest operating system, suitable screen size, sufficient memory and several other featuresmeant to provid…

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The Sailor’s Dream – App Review

Between games like Year Walk and Device 6, Simogo has established itself as one of the most innovative, unique and engaging mobile game developers working today. The company just always seems to have some bold and bizarre idea up its sleeve, and their games have become recognized both for their interesting pr…

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