Today, technology has made our lives so easy that we don’t want to depend on others except devices such as Smartphones. You just need to Google and everything will be at your fingertips. So today I’m going to introduce you  a web app called Zip Code API, which helps you to fetch the exact zip codes of a particular location worldwide. Zip code plays a very important role while delivering an order, locating a place, filling forms, shopping online, etc. But, organizing it manually is a difficult task! So you need an API which helps to convert a location into zip codes when you begin a search. Because they reduce your time as well as give you better results.

The Zip code base API is one of the finest and amazing apps that delivers results in the JSON format which is easily readable and can be integrated into any application. It’s an easy to use, highly scalable, reliable app which gives accurate results and updates the zip codes from time to time. You can search for the zip codes of a city, state or country, calculate the distance between two zip codes and also find the zip codes within a radius. The results are displayed in km or miles.

With ZIP CODE API, you can fetch any zip code from all over the globe and the distance between two zip codes. Basically, API helps those who want to design a software or a website that requires zip codes. When you have an API with you, you don’t need any coding from a programmer. You just need to integrate the JSON results given by the API in your software application. These results are accurate and reliable. It reduces the cost of hiring a programmer as well as saves a lot of time. The app gives you the entire list or documentation of all the postal codes within a given city, state or country.

There are so many advantages of using this web app such as: it gives you real-time results which are reliable, the app is constantly updated, it saves your time, highly scalable, provides high performance even when you request high volume of data, provides data from over 100 countries and processes 10,000+ requests/month. You can also contact the support team if you have any query, they always listen to you and will solve your query.

On the whole, the ZIP code API is available for free as well custom plans are there! It depends on our budget and what your requirement is! It has different plans which gives you data from more than 100 countries and you can make 10,000 requests as well. It has a small, medium, large and very large plan also which differ in requests, HTTPS encryption, e-mail support and concierge onboarding. It has a free plan also where you can test the API and see how it works. All you need is to register on the app and choose a plan for you. These plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time.

So don’t miss the chance, grab it now!

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