If you are working as a creative head for your company, here is a unique help for you; yutongo has launched a service that can help you to have the best creative ideas within minutes. So, when you feel you are running out of innovative ideas, there is really nothing to worry about; a bunch of professional creative thinkers are there to help you to have the best ideas for your project. Yutongo basically works as a platform to help you get the assistance from creative thinkers across the world at a very reasonable and upfront charge.


  • Yutongo provides a bunch of simple to use creative tools that can break down your creative task into simple questions, which can be answered easily. Breaking down a complex scenario into simpler parts is no doubt the best way to meet the best results in a quick manner.
  • The service enables you to invite your own creative team to join with you on the task. You can invite anyone from the Yutongo community, or from your staffs or colleagues, or whoever is there to work with you on your task.
  • yutongo provides complete data security and any un- invited people will never have any information about your project on yutongo. It provides you the option to invite only the people you like to join you in the session.
  • The platform has a unique network of creative thinkers from across the world; and you can choose the thinkers from that pool according to your own requirements and choice. Yutongo introduces the creative thinkers to you, and gives you the full control on selecting the creative people for your project. You receive direct applications from the thinkers and you appoint them according to your own requirements.
  • Yutongo provides online easy payment options; you can pay the creative thinkers appointed by you directly through pay pal which is easy and the simplest way of money transfer across the world.
  • Once you are done with your session you can export the creative ideas, and you can also share them with your group.


  • Yutongo offers a full-fledged hub for idea crowdsourcing and online innovative activities. You can get your own subpage with subdomain of your choice at a monthly charge of just $49.
  • The platform also provides some unique creativity tool to fuel the thinking process and also for giving the final shape to the generated ideas.
  • It helps the user to take multiple view angles on a creative task, helping them to boil down their complex problem into simple ones that can be solved easily.
  • After all yutongo presents the total process in a pretty simple way. You can continue multiple processes at the same time, and you can just drag and drop object on the pages of yutongo according to your own requirements.

Summary: Yutongo is a platform with embedded powerful tools that can be very helpful for any creative head to generate fresh ideas quickly.

Good: Yotongo works as an excellent internal ideation app by enabling you to invite as many creative minds you want and protecting your ideas from others. It makes the process of collaborative brainstorming simple, and enables you to include creative thinkers from across the world.

Bad: Creativity has no boundary and with such a creative tool, you can expect anything bad.

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