Viewing photos and videos from my computer on my phone seems like a great idea. It’s not only an idea anymore though, but reality. There are many apps out there that claim to do this, but which one does it the best? The worst? All of this does have to do with personal preference but today we are going to focus on a particular app – younity. This one offers the ability to “access and share movies, music, photos, and files off any computer from your iPhone or iPad.” Let’s delve into what makes this app good, bad, and the reasons as to why this app should be downloaded, if even.

First thing’s first: Why should I get this app? Well there are a few reasons to, but a major one may be to listen to music and play videos that are on your computer on your phone when you don’t want to transfer those files over. A nice plus to this is that it doesn’t only work with the iPhone, but also the iPad, and iPod touch. Keep in mind, however, that this app requires an iOS version of 9.0 or later. The company behind this app is Entangled Media Corp. Their only app in history has been this one, so there isn’t much credibility in that department. There are a few different languages offered, however, comprising of English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

On to the functionality of the app. In order to sync younity with your computer, you will have to download the program on your computer. Note that this will work with both PC and Mac. After that’s done, the only thing left to do is download the app on your iPhone or iPad, and get syncing. Note, also, that the app is free and anything you want to access on your iPhone / iPad is also free of charge. There are no limits nor any blockages on how much you can access. This is what makes this app unique because there are plenty of other apps that do the same, but have some sort of fee or membership that needs to be paid for.
According to iTunes, this app has gotten about 311 total ratings since its productions and a 4 out of 5 star rating, making this an overall loved app. The simplicity in the idea is what makes this app great. It scans all files and folders in your computer to allow you to view it from anywhere on your iPhone / iPad.

Some extra features granted by this app are the abilities to share files with others and upload them to social media sites, whether that be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
In the end, all that can be said is that this app is pure bliss. The user interface is fantastically made, with colors, for an easy experience for anyone. The ability to access and share an unlimited amount of data is just superb, especially when the price is taken in to consideration. That is, of course, that it is absolutely free. Nothing bad can be said about this app, however, do to all of the positive points of it. This app is definitely worth the effort to install and try out.

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