So,hearing much about the new iPhone app younity and being an app freak, I decided to review the app myself. For those who have no or very less idea about younity, it is a multimedia sharing device through which sharing of movies, music, photos and files off any computer( PC or Mac ) through the iPhone and iPad becomes seamless. The application is absolutely free on the apple app store and requires iOS 5.1 or later to work.The important feature of this app is its ability to set up a personal cloud between all the user’s devices that is going to be private and secured so that the user gets access to view his files wherever he is as long as he have his device connected to the internet for the younity to stream.


First of all I would like to make the readers acquainted with how the unity is set up before going further.First of all the user is required to install the app on his computer( Mac or Windows ). Then the app must be installed on the iOS application. As soon as these steps are completed, younity scans all the files in the user computer’s personal folder (or wherever folder it is directed); music, videos, photos, email- literally everything which would offer the user a simple access to his data irrespective of the device he is using.

Talking about the interface of the app, I highly doubted as generally the interface and design of such cloud storing apps are pretty tedious. Thankfully that is not the case here with younity. The user gets an app filled with icons, easy to manage list, smooth textures, lovely fonts and colorful headers. It seems that the makers of this app have put vigorous efforts on the design and an user friendly interface which is required to be appreciated.

An app with good interface becomes the best if it processes command quickly and the good thing about younity is that it does. I tried to play a song that was on my PC using younity and my comand was taken and processed without any delay. I should mention that I was standing pretty close to my PC while playing the song but even after trying the service miles away and it still proved to be quick. One can not only just stream the data but can also download the files from the PC to his iPhone or iPad if he wants to. Sharing the files with other devices or with friends over the internet using Facebook or younity accounts is yet another option that has been provided in this wonderful app.

The another important feature of younity is that it does not offers any size limitation or device limitation. This might raise some eyebrows given by the fact that it is offering so much without even charging. They might raise questions over the efficiency of this app but after using this app all their doubts and ambiguities would vanish. If anyone is still hesitant, let us say that in the near future we might be able to find a better app than younity but for now, this is the best bargain any one would find anywhere for cloud storage. The bottom-line is that younity is a great app for having all the files with you all the time.

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