Social network has made it very necessary for everybody to get entrapped in it. This one truth that could never be ignored by the people is making it a sure thing to be taken on the altogether new heights helping people to get the best out of everything. There is one more thing that could be right saying as increasing getting more of the concerns from the people. This is right to be summed up as in one word: health and it has a huge taking when it is specially related to one’s mind. YAPA has been the first app taking a step in this concern and hence making sure that things come to be in the best possible way or everybody.

Key Features of YAPA

  • Mind relaxing: no doubt there have been many strategies to help people have some break from their busy routine and pause to simply enjoy their life. This one app developed with the name YAPA specializes to help people express what would help them feel more relaxed.
  • Colorful: Mood expressed well is the best thing one can do if expressing is all that relaxes our brain this one helps to make people feel lighter when it comes to mental health. Thus making use of various colors to assist people in expressing people well makes it count good!
  • Profile Setting: Get to have the best kind of profile to be shown to people, which is definitely adjustable with the help of quick profile settings. Make your profile very realistic and hence make sure that people could find you easily by adding a profile picture.
  • Secured connection: Verify your presence on the app, with its inbuilt OTP verification mechanism.
  • Easy to be handled: No doubt the posting is just one scroll and swipe away. To make it easier the need of writing a big post has been omitted and thus pre-saved texts or mood setters have been brought in. there is an even more relaxing factor that YAPA need no photos and hence no likes are involved in this one!

How to use YAPA?

Click on the best explaining mood choice of your and then simply swipe it up. This is as easy to help one get the right kind of mood explanations. This helps people to get in the use of this app easily and hence so much of time-saving.

This is very helpful when people want to simply explain and tell about mood and typing the whole content explaining their current mood.

Last words:

Give your emotions a lot of weight and do not simply overlook them! This is very much understood by the YAPA developers and hence they chose to keep the yap sending as easy and quick as possible.

Summary: By bringing a new change in social media, YAPA has made it really easy to communicate your feeling without even making people realize the need of speaking!

  • Creativity: 4.7
  • Helpful: 5
  • User Interface: 4.5
  • Network Usage: 4.7
  • Ease: 5

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