Behind the Scenes:

I came across this little gem of anapp when searching for an effective tracking and monitoring tool to use for myself and my kids. I had checked out several others as well, but either they were too expensive or had functionality I really did not require and had to pay for anyway. Checking out reviews, I found out that either they would have no stealth mode and/or they would, in order to give greater real-time functionality, use up too much memory of the target device or drain the battery – forcing the device user, in the end, to do a factory reset. For an android spy software to be truly effective it needs to have a small footprint and be discrete.

App Overview:

XNSPYoffers an array of features to the app user along with two editions – Basic Edition and Premium Edition – providing freedom to choose app functionality according to one’s needs and not pay extra something the user does not require. The Basic Edition costs as low as $8.32/month and the Premium Edition costs as low as $12.49/month.

This android spy software supports both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones/tablets, although there is a slight difference in the features offered; the app will be able to provide greater functionality on rooted devices. The app size itself is small and has stealth capability, it uses very few resources and does not drain the battery – all of which complement its discrete nature. This makes life easier for the device user, in turn, making things better for the app user in the long run. The app has a user-friendly web-based control panel that provides great ease of use. It can be accessed globally all it requires is a supported browser and access to the Internet.

Installation and Features:

After purchasing the desired edition the customer is sent a welcome email from XNSPY with login details, an activation code, and installation instructions. Installation of the monitoring app is fairly simple and straight-forward; it is the same for rooted and non-rooted devices. In order to install the app, you need to have access to the target device once, after that you can remotely monitor and track it. As soon as it is installed it goes into stealth mode and awaits instructions from the user.


Although there are a lot of features available to the app user, we will mention a few of the most pertinent ones for personal and parental use. Although how and what the app can be used for depends on the imagination of the customer.

  • Phone calls and Contacts: this feature allows the user to monitor phone calls both incoming and outgoing that take place from the target device. The app user through the online interface can also view the contacts on the phone/tablet.
  • SMS and IM Chats: All outgoing and incoming SMS from the target device can be viewed and read by the app user through the provided web-based control panel. Also, the device provides viewing and reading of IM Chat software including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and many others.
  • Location History: The app keeps a record of where the device has been, it also if required can be set up to send a notification if the devices entersa specific area or location.
  • Monitoring Internet Activity: This will allow the app user to check the browsing history and bookmarks of the device.
  • Remote Control: A very powerful feature that allows the app user to remotely lock or delete data of the target device.

The app has several other notable features such as call recording and audio recording of the device’s surrounding, calendar and appointment monitoring and many others.


As you can see it has a host of features that can prove useful in various scenarios and situations depending on your use. This android spy software is competitively priced given the features it has. We recommend that in order to get complete information regarding the app you visit their website