As lots of gossip regarding Xbox 720 has been going around since a year, there is hardly any doubt that we are going to see some unique features in this device. We are expecting its launch in December 2013, may be on the occasion of Christmas. On the other hand, Sony is also going to launch its one of the most highly awaited device PS4 and Microsoft definitely don’t want to give away any initial advantage to Sony. It will definitely exciting to see what Microsoft will package in Xbox 720 when it will be actually available on shelves.

According to some reliable sources, Xbox 720 will offer 8 cores; each out of it will be running at 800MHz GPU and 1.6GHz. Besides this, ADD will act as a chip manufacturer and along with it x86 architecture will be utilized. The console will possess potential of Ultra-HD with graphics that will be top notch which we will also see in PS4. IllumiRoom technology will also play vital role in overall structure of Xbox 720. The basic resolution gets an elevation up to 1920×1080 and overall depth resolution is appreciated significantly as well. IR system will result in better performance from Kinect in low light ambience as well. Some other modifications include trimming in latency and USB 3.0 addition. Slight probability of Kinect getting integrated with console is also there and chances are very high that console can’t operate without Kinect.

There are also rumors surrounding Xbox 720 that it may feature a unique system that will prevent owners playing some already used games. This directly means no repetitive trading of old games in order to boost downloading of new ones. This could be a move which may dislike by most of the users. One more surprising rumor circulating about Xbox 720 console, which is an extraordinary concept of internet connection that will be always-on. This looks like a terrible idea that users may not accept.

Sources also mentioned that price tag of $299 is what Microsoft is going to stick to this device which looks quiet ambitious. So you can expect price hovering around the level of $299 which will be competitive, considering the launch of PS4 in same time. One of the Microsoft bloggers claimed that the device will be called as Xbox Loop and the company has recently acquired one URL named, which may fit in with Xbox infinity or Xbox Loop. Out of the two, the infinity symbol definitely makes more sense as it possesses an X with curvy bit at both the ends. It offers lot of fun for designers and marketing teams at Microsoft.

As you can imagine, any information and technical details regarding Xbox 720 are not 100% reliable on grounds. Considering this, what we have done is applied a significant logic to relate numerous rumors regarding this device. We will keep posting some more updates regarding Xbox 720 as they come to reduce the gap between the exact date of its launch from today.