Are you looking for great ways to offer your skills? Is there a safer means to connect with your client and maintain your privacy? If you want to find a company that would make you feel special at each performance, Make Easy app is the right choice for you.  

What is the app about?

Given by the seller, Online Future Ltd, Make Easy is an app that is so simple and easy to use. It can be used as a professional platform that aids you in managing the service that you want to sell or seek. The app helps you bid goodbye to the expensive agents and time consuming administration.

Woking of the app:

The app works as you download and create a profile of your own whether you are offering a job or a service. You can be an entertainer of any sort, like a dancer, a masseur, a model or whatever that you add, you can add a profile. The app allows you to showcase your profession with good photos so that you can attract more customers or professionals of the same sort. The app allows you to display the ratings so that viewers get to see about your reputation.  

Profile, messages, options and search are the four different icons of function in the app. The profile icon is under which users can create a profile displaying their profession. The message section is where you can receive notifications and the options have various settings to fine tune your activities on this app. The search column is where you can search for professions that you want to seek or sell.

Special features of the app:

Make Easy is so easy when you want to find services which you want to sell or get engaged in. The team can be followed on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to get more info. The app is one safe means when you want to connect which individuals of all sorts. Just a few clicks to contact that somebody near you and look for profiles that interest you. Users will be able to create groups with professionals they prefer and opt to chat. We can also exit from a group we don’t prefer to be part of. The app gives you the freedom of viewing and responding as and when you prefer and that too with your choice on any time and on any day.


Make Easy comes completely free of charge with in-app purchases of Make Easy – provider access and Make Easy – user access at $0.99 each. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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