Online marketers always have this question in mind, “What would be the best way to market my business or brand and what would be the best social media marketing tool in the industry”? When you need to be very successful in your social media marketing, then you have to choose the one that favours all your needs and requirements. One such tool that I recently came across was Woofy.

Woofy according to my observations is a numero uno product when it comes to social media marketing. The reason is because; Woofy gives you overall user satisfaction and the tool keeps up with all the latest trends and changes in social media. It is easy-to-learn, has immense customer support accompanied by great usability that aids in improving productivity. It also helps meet our business needs without any obstacles.

Woofy has an AI powered technology with which you can create new content for your favourite websites/blog/social media posts and easily share the content with the followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instgarm and LinkedIn profiles. You can setup repeated long term campaigns for schedules planned on a weekly or custom basis and enable auto-completion of posts. The compliance marketing engine of Woofy reduces your grunt work by looking on the libraries, RSS feeds, URLs and other sources so that you won’t post any repeated or damaged content and your content online always stays fresh.

You can also execute different campaigns on Woofy by collaborating with the team members and also set permissions, get feedback and share it with the clients and keep going ahead of others. The innovative built-in voice assist feature of this tool helps us command our campaigns with our own voice. Apart from this, the design of Woofy is color-coded so that you can navigate through the complicated insights with ease.

Woofy’s pricing comes with $49 per month. It is available for $44.10 per month in case of half yearly plans and 41.65 per month in case of yearly plans. You can also ask for a 2-week trial with Woofy by scheduling a demo through the website. Whatever might be your business; Woofy always falls within your budget and is the most cost effective solution for your marketing campaigns.

Woofy is featured on many websites like the Capterra, ProductHunt, BetaPage and others and is gaining popularity among different business people. It assists you in planning and implementing the social media marketing strategy so that you develop your brand awareness, maintain relationships, and increase website exposure via different channels. Woofy – the marketer’s exo-skeleton handles all the social media marketing works for you and is for sure the best marketing tool ever.  

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