When you work with SEO, it is a must that you are constantly notified of the latest changes that take place in the rankings of the website and the keywords you start using. Google ranking is quintessential when it comes to protecting your brand and maintaining them is a must when you want new customers to reach you. When I was in search of the best rank tracker in the market, I came across Wincher.  

Wincher – rank tracker pulls up all the fresh data from the web and scrapes search results for you and this is the most basic task of SEO. The perfect rank tracker scrapes the SERP and track the rank on specific search engines and location. This has many convenient features that allow you to scrape rankings when you track the localized keywords. To start using this, visit https://www.wincher.com/ and fill in the sign up form. Later, click on the confirmation link on your email and begin.

You will be taken to the dashboard of your domain where you can automatically find the data where Wincher has already collected a lot of keywords and rankings for you. With the quick and easy to use dashboard, you will be able to execute all the necessary tasks that are essential for rank tracking. The team is always available via the chat room of the website where you can clarify any queries with them and share your concerns.

You will not miss any ranking movement as both yours and your competitors ranking positions will be tracked by Wincher. It is not mandatory that you log in everyday to see the ranking updates as Wincher gives automatic updates whenever an important change takes place. With new ways to earn revenue by SEM, SEO or content, you can also track what your target audience are searching for by means of a keyword research and group the keywords into different categories and get an overview of the overall ranking progress.

This rank tracker also provides rank tracking reports for clients and it is just a click away. This website or application helps you to export your data by PDF or CSV and allows you to get customized PDF-reports that can be sent straight to your inbox either every week or every month.

Wincher rank tracker comes exclusively for free without any credit card for a period of 14 days trial. Pro users can close or upgrade their account at any time and there is no lock up at all. Your monthly fee is calculated with the number of websites added every month at a price of €10/month and any additional websites come at €3/month each.

Start using Wincher today and save the many hours that you spend on SEO and make your business life a lot easier.  

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