When future app developer Liam Rogers took a trip to Cuba recently, he wasn’t expecting application inspiration to strike. It certainly did however, in a way he couldn’t ignore. The moment of enlightenment occurred when Liam was snapping a beautiful shot of a sunset on his iPhone. An oblivious couple wandered into the photo just at the right time, and without even knowing it, put the finishing touches to Liam’s composition. He thought it would be a shame that the knitting models would never know about their perfectly timed entrance into his frame; and thus the idea for FindYou Photo was born. It’s brand new and set to take the world by storm; it’s also out now on iOS!

FindYou Photo dispenses with ye olde photo tagging; it’s far too transitory. Instead, FindYou Photo aims to create a communal library of digital snaps by sorting them through time, date and place parameters. No tagging of people is necessary here; simply upload your shots with those three pieces of information, and other users of the app will be able to search out photos based on those fields. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you’re searching for shots from ten hours ago or ten years ago; you’ll be able to track them down regardless.

It’s an ambitious idea; Rogers and his team are to be commended for the concept and development. It certainly seems to be a better method than Instagram’s laborious tagging, or hashtagging; you can only usually see the most recent photos in that instance, and if you’re after a popular hashtag, forget it. FindYou Photo seems like the perfect answer to tracking photos of yourself down at weddings, parties, festivals or events, where you might often miss certain shots with the amount of cameras going off.

As the app grows, there’s a potential for it to become the defining photo app of the current generation. Professional photographers can add a personal touch to their wares, selling them through the app, while people on holiday could search through popular spots they recently visited to find potentially unknown shots of themselves. The future could well be incoming; you can join up for the FindYou revolution right now at the App Store!