The Optimus 2X is a great device and comes in at a relatively low price for what has to offer. LG have introduced the device at a low price to undercut the other Android dual core rivals. So is it worth it and what are the reasons to buy a LG Optimus 2X?


As we’ve mentioned cost is a huge factor in the decision to buy this phone. It comes in at a far lower price than equivalent Android dual core phones and this will be a primary selling point. The phone is available for between £20-£25 on contract and around £400 by itself. This is may be £100 less than the likes of the Atrix and the Galaxy SII.


The form factor of this phone is excellent; the LG is a bit of a minimalist beauty. It’s a black device that manages to look classy even though it comes in at a low cost. Its four light-up buttons at the bottom black out when it is off giving it a very monolithic appeal. Couple all this with the very pretty and well lit screen and it looks great both off and on.


The screen is a delight and really is one of the best in the field and puts it up to Samsung’s Galaxy and its AMOLED screen. The LG offers nice deep colours as well as very bright whites and nice deep blacks. It also plays 1080p footage and its 4inches are excellent for watching video on.


The 2X is well equipped in the connection stakes too with an HDMI output for playing top quality footage on your big screen at home or for showing those holiday snaps of you in Speedos in all their glory. It also has DLNA output if you wish to do so without cables. It has the usual ports too, a mini USB for all your media needs and a 3.5mm port as well as a micro SD slot to expand memory up to 32GB via a micro SD card.


The LG also has a number of pre loaded applications that are certainly up with the best of the Android crop. This includes an excellent music player and reader that really make the LG feel like a premium device though you’re only paying a mid range price.

There have been a few superior devices to be released since the Optimus 2X hit the market, but this is inevitable in the fast paced world of smartphones. As the first dual core phone that was released it is also the most affordable and still offers a wealth of entertainment and web features. As far as dual core smartphones go the Optimus 2X is currently the best value for money.