Don’t you wish that, when you and your friends or loved ones get into an argument, you could just take them to court? You know that, if you had a chance to present your case to a jury, they’d rule in your favor. But taking your loved one to court is expensive, and usually not necessary. So how do you solve those disputes? With a lot of shouting, arguments and bad feelings. Until now…

Jury is a virtual courthouse to help you settle disputes and reach nonbinding agreements. From monetary claims and contract negotiations to hilarious arguments and spousal disputes, the app helps you reach an amicable resolution. It saves shouting and yelling, and your poor friend from being dragged into the middle of an unpleasant situation.

Both the plaintiff and defendant choose a jury of 6 anonymous peers from around the world who have agreed to take part in the case. Side note – if you want to help in other peoples’ cases, you can totally do that.

The next step is to present your case. Upload media, notes and other pieces of evidence to support your case. The jury then takes its time to assess and vote on an outcome. Then what? You don’t actually have to listen to them, it isn’t a binding agreement, but getting the opinion of non-emotionally invested individuals may help all parties involved see the situation more objectively.

For more information and a demo of Jury, visit, the App Store or Google Play.