We all have trouble sleeping at one time or another but for those of us who consistently have trouble sleeping it can present a huge problem. Sleep deprivation can lead to some serious physical and mental problems when it becomes chronic. There are many solutions available from continuously looping sounds of the surf or rain to special pillows. While some of these may work the science behind them is lacking behind the times. Sensimetrics Corporation, the leader in speech and hearing solutions, has the solution. They have developed an app for your phone that will not only supply those soothing sounds but allow you to design the sounds yourself. Additionally, if you suffer from tenitis this may be solution for you.

Whist-Sleep Sound Designer is compatible with any android phone and is simple to use. The possibilities of sounds you can produce is unlimited. Simply choose a base sound that appeals to you then customize it for your best night’s sleep. There are several ways you can customize your sound. You can adjust the sound quality which by changing either the pitch or the noise or both. By adjusting depth and speed of the sound you can adjust the rhythm. Finally, you can adjust the speed of the sound. Naturally there is a volume adjustment as well. So, one sound can be adjusted and altered until you get the exact sound that will give you that great night sleep. The app has a timer so you can play your sound as long as you need as well as an alarm clock which you will need since you’re sleeping well now.


While the app promises a great night’s sleep it has other uses as well. Since you can create multiple sounds you can use it in many situations. You could develop a sound for your yoga workout or for that relaxing stroll. Use it anytime you feel the need to relax and breathe. Because it is on your phone it will be with you everywhere you go. Whether you use it at home, the office, or when traveling Whist-Sleep Sound Designer can help you find that perfect level of relaxation.

The Whist-Sleep Sound Designer is very easy to use, with a great interface that responds well. You have the ability to create hundreds of sounds with the multiple ways you can modify one base sound so you won’t ever get tired of what you’re listening to. The alarm is a nice bonus eliminating the need for an alarm clock or another app. Using the timer allows you to determine how long your sound will play if you don’t want it on all night. Both have a subdued color so they won’t interrupt your sleep.

Whist-Sleep Sounds Designer is available for download on Google Play and the only drawback to the app is that you have to pay for the upgraded version. If you have trouble sleeping and like soothing sounds this is the perfect way to get that sleep you so desperately need.

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