It is experienced that over the last couple of decades, eCommerce has grown by leaps and bounds. Moreover today, millions of people shop online, and many of them prefer it over visiting brick-and-mortar locations to purchase the products they want. The business owners everywhere are looking for the fastest way to get involved and start selling their own products online.

Even if users already have a website, there’s no reason you have to start over to build an online store. You can develop a store using an eCommerce platform and connect it to your existing website. Let’s get into the details of shopping cart software and how to choose the best.

Why to Choose GegoCart?

GegoCart is an open source solution focusing on building an enterprise grade e-commerce shopping cart and multi-vendor marketplace. Gegocart is developed as an API first design. Gegocart developed in Laravel PHP Framework and Nuxtjs.

GegoCart software is structured to cater the needs of E-Commerce Industry.  Our Idea is to make it easy for developers to add few features and also easy for developers to work on Cart or Catalog feature and design elements.

What is Shopping Cart Software?

Primarily the shopping cart software is a kind of software that permits customers to shop on a website, developing a list of products they want to buy by adding them to the virtual cart. The customer can view the online shopping cart to see what products have been added to it, and can select to add more products or remove them.

It is enumerated that when the customer is finished shopping, the shopping cart software provides a secure means of paying for the products in a virtual checkout. The owner of the eCommerce website is then informed of the purchase so they can start fulfilling the order through packing and shipping the items.

Online shopping carts can be built with different coding languages including ASP, Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Each has its merits GegoCart shopping cart is more versatile and compatible with all browsers and devices.

Why GegoCart is the Best in market?

With eCommerce becoming a multibillion-dollar industry, there’s no shortage of shopping cart software these days — but GegoCart stands out from the competition. Today, GegoCart is the most feature-rich, scalable, and overall most powerful shopping cart solution for any size business.