Mobile phones are no longer simply used to makes calls and send messages; they boast of multifunctional features such as access to internet, the ability to act as a camera and capture images and video recordings with a quality good enough to go head to head with the real thing. Or so we are lead to believe, but can a video produced on a phone really be as good as a video camera?

Realistically, this is unlikely. Considering lighting, resolution, frames per second, the capacity for recording hours of footage compared with short clips, the optics, the sound quality and other elements means that recordings taken using a mobile phone do fall short of a video camera.

However, for casual use, some handsets will produce recorded footage of surprisingly good quality thanks to superior specifications when compared to other mobile phones. In fact, some mobile phone manufacturers have developed their handsets with video recording at the forefront of the product design and, as a result, these are great for capturing moments without having to find the recorder from the back of the cupboard when you have the convenience of it being integrated into your mobile phone.

One of the best mobile phones for video will be a surprising revelation to most who expect the iPhone to be market leader in this area, but in actual fact the Samsung Galaxy SII is a firm favourite with those looking to purchase a phone for its recording feature.

With the 1080p, 30mps HD Video recording, this handset is ideal for capturing those special moments, not only is it convenient but the quality of footage is one of the highest quality on offer.
Although the mobile phone recordings are not quite the quality of the video cameras the Samsung Galaxy SII is likely to be the closest you will get.