What is the most useful and widely used mode of communication? Guess what? The device on which you are reading this review i.e. Your Mobile Phone. Yes, your mobile phone is the easiest and fastest mode of communication which is always handy! If we want to connect with someone we save their mobile number and contact them easily. There are millions of reasons to connect to someone. But do we really connect with the people who are important to us? I don’t think we do! 

Most of the people are connected with each other on social media even if they are even close relatives! This is really very bad! The value of relationships is decreasing nowadays! On special occasions, we post wishes for our family and friends on social media instead of calling them! Why we are so lazy or are too busy to even make a call? The day is not far when people will hesitate to take to each other. So to help you out, we created “UpHabit”.

When we don’t have time to meet our loved ones personally, UpHabit helps us to build genuine relationships with them. The app has been developed by UpHabit Inc. Once you installed the app, you can SignUp easily on the app by just entering your name, email I’d and a password. You can do everything you want with UpHabit, such as building relationships with the people who are important, build your circle, enhance your business or whatever it is! 

The app brings all of your contacts and creates a list by synchronizing with your Email id and Phone contacts. This all-in-one list brings the details of all the contacts from their social media profiles at one place and add description as well. It also adds new contacts on a daily basis so that you never miss any important contact but, in the paid versions of the app only! 

The main objective of this app is to organize your data without copying it, or selling the information provided by us. It’s a safe and secure app which is guaranteed by the company and is ready to listen to your queries whenever you want on their email id provided on the app page.

With UpHabit, all your contacts as well as the conversations with them are brought at one place. Isn’t it cool? Yes, you can also make notes of your conversations and search them later on if you want to. You can set reminders to contact someone and snooze them if you’re  busy! Moreover, you can tag people of the same category and group them together such as colleagues, family members, friends, etc. in separate groups. Basically, it focuses to help you remember what you need to do and assist you! 

Overall, the UpHabit is a great app for those who are looking for organizing their Phonebook in the best way possible and connecting with their loved ones as well without forgetting anyone! 

So UpHabit is an app worth to use! Just go for it and bring all your close ones together in this busy world! 

The app is available on the iTunes Store for iOS 10.0 or later and offers in- app purchases! 

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