Fine tuning the business process in a way so that it can provide the maximum productivity is the basic aim for any company; a great leap in productivity also means cost minimization. Ubirimi has come up with a suite of innovative productivity tools  for the companies looking for latest technology driven ways that can fine tune their business process to a greater productivity. These tools are simple to use and brings the work process of any company into a seamless motion.


  • The software suite comprises of 5 software modules, each of which specializes in a particular sector of the business process and promises to provide the best support and assistance in every respect. These five productivity tools are named as: Yongo, Agile, Documentador, Svn and Events.
  • Yongo tracks and manages project processes. It can be very useful for pointing out bugs and bottlenecks of the production process. This software provides a powerful platform for planning and building work process, and also for marking the lagging sectors. It can organize issues, and can be very help full for staying up to date with the activity of the team.
  • Agile works on the planning sector most efficiently. Managers can estimate different options, identify goals and the velocity of the project with the help of this tool. It also helps in team reporting which enables a manager to plan according to the resources and the deadlines.
  • Documentador works in the documentation sector. It helps in generating and sharing content across all the members of the team. It helps in crowd sourcing meeting notes, share files and in a number of processes including sharing of information and knowledge.
  • SVN is a private hosting facility that comes with the full business suite offered by ubirimi. With this facility you no more need to worry about your server maintenance and server space; ubirimi provides your company with unlimited server space with unlimited number of user accounts. It provides high security of your data and at the same time makes data sharing and access simple.
  • Events software from the suite helps in planning and keeping track of events and people. It can be most helpful for keeping track of appointments, due dates, and deadlines. With Events you are sure to not to miss a deadline ever again.


  • The company ubirimi, is a startup, and has the most favorable customer service options.
  • They maintain highest security for your data; they understand the importance of security for your business data, and provide you with the most technologically advanced ways.
  • Ubirimi offers a lowest in the range price. You can have their software suite at a lower cost than any other available options.
  • The company promises to provide free up-gradation services for the life time of the software suite.
  • They also provide extensive customer support through phone and emails.
  • Their software suite is designed for simplicity and speed; and they can be used without any special training.

Summary: The latest business productivity software tools introduced by Ubirimi are a lucrative option for any company as they promise to provide the best at the most reasonable cost.     Quality is the first priority for ubirimi, so with them you can be rest assured about getting the best all the time.

Good: The security of data is never compromised by the system.

Bad: The platform is no actually free to use though the cost is really very low.

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