As a parent, what you’ve planned for your kids? I mean to say what you’ve saved for them to secure their future. You might have an insured yourself and your whole family so that they won’t have to borrow money from elsewhere after your demise. Isn’t it? But, have you planned for their education? Suppose your son ask you at the age of 16 that he wants to study abroad! What will you do? If you are a rich father, you might send him otherwise you will not! But, we can’t say anything about the future! However, we can create our child’s future! Because they are our future and the nation’s too! A parent is a parent, whether rich or poor! No one wants to spoil their kids dream.

In short, what I want to say is you can start planning for your child’s future from the very beginning when they’re born. There is so much expenses today that we are unable to save a good amount of money! But, if we’ll save a penny every day, we can save a bigger amount till they reach their college to get higher education! So we have an app in our Courtroom to help you in investing for your kids future! It’s popularly known as “U-Nest”, which has been compatible with all the iOS devices having the latest version of the OS.

U-Nest is a simple way to save for your kids’ education to fulfill their dreams. You can begin with the app very easily and read out everything about it on its official app- Thereby, you can open an account if you’re interested in less than 5 minutes. You can choose a savings plan for your child and proceed further. You don’t have to worry about filling out long and confusing financial applications. It’s just paperless. You can start investing with a minimum amount, say, $25/ month.

There are other tax-benefits also that you can avail using this app. As you know that, your investments grow by giving a rate of return also which is more that than the bank savings account returns. And the most important plus point is that, all the growth  in your account is tax-free. The app is very convenient to use and you can calculate the money using college calculator that your child will get when he/she will go to college.

This app is based on a long-term planning which gives you a peace of mind by introducing the beat tax-advantaged education savings plan for your child. So you don’t have to worry at all about your kids’ education.

This app is operated by the U-Nest Holdings, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and a member of FINRA. All your information is confidential and secure and meant for security purposes only.

The app is fully regulated and the investments are managed by Invesco, one of the world’s largest investment management firms.

One of the upcoming features if U-Nest app is that your friends and family can easily contribute to your child’s education account around birthdays and other occasions which leads to even faster growth.

So build your kids ‘Tomorrow’ by Signing Up ‘Today’ on U-Nest!

U-Nest is free to download and charges $3/ month only for enjoying its benefits!

PROS: easy to use app; tax-benefits; invest for college fund; long-term planning; safe and secure; low-pricing.

CONS: not found.

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