The days of having to order a ton of clothes, only to return most of them because you don’t like how they look on you, are quickly ending, thanks to TRYO. It’s a new app available on IOS and uses lifelike AR technology to make it possible to try on clothes and accessories before you buy them.

I’m not talking crude 3D models, either. TRYO uses hyper realistic models that may have you fooled for a second, thinking you’re actually wearing them. You’re able to try on hats, glasses, sneakers, watches and more. There are dozens of big brands on the platform, too, so you’ll find brands you love while discovering new ones.

There are advantages to apps like TRYO – firstly, it can be time consuming to continually order and return clothes if they don’t fit you. You may also not enjoy the in-person shopping experience, and would prefer to try clothes on in your own home. In either case, you’re able to easily discover and experiment with new styles simply by firing up the app.

When you finally decide on an item you love, you can purchase it in just a couple of clicks, as TRYO makes it easy to go directly from their app to the website.

AR technology is finally at a place where you can try clothes on virtually and it looks convincing. TRYO is the best example we’ve seen so far – try it today and download on the IOS App Store.