If you’re a tech savvy who loves to travel then double the fun of your trip and don’t forget to pack gadgets that will prove to be highly useful to cater your music needs or to make sure you have a sound sleep. This time when you’re packing for your trip, get some tips from us which will save you from falling into the need of things that are not present at your hotel or wherever you wish to stopover. Let’s get our list of travel must haves started!

Ask someone who has faced a power outage and still has hours to go before they finally reach their destination. If you don’t want to find yourself in a similar situation, an airline adapter is what you should take along. When plugged into the seat power port, the adapter helps to keep your devices running. It is important to note the adapter is not responsible for charging your devices.

Portable headphones are like serious companions especially when you’re on a long journey alone. Put them to your ears and you’ll be in your own world. If good quality headphones is what you lack then make it a point to purchase a pair before boarding the flight.

If you’ve chosen to be behind the wheels and take full control of your trip then we have something for you too. A car mount can be very useful when you’re driving around. When you’re using your phone as a GPS system, you can install your phone to the car mount and enjoy the navigating hands free.

Trips and vacations seem to end too quickly but what remains are the memories you bring back. Pack up a Canon Powershot SD 1100IS and capture your memories digitally. The 8MP camera is smaller and compact which won’t take much space in your bag.

Not everything seems as attractive on a small screen as it could on a wider screen size. Taking along your Ipad will keep you in touch with your favorite shows and you won’t have to find a personal computer to catch up on your business emails. Carrying a laptop could serve the same purposes.

Plug adapters are another must have. Hotels and lodging house do provide their own adapters however keeping your personal international adapter will relieve you of the worries that you might get your devices damaged or exploded by plugging your devices into adapters that are not your own.

You’re a strong lover of books and falling asleep reading them is your little ritual every night then we understand your reading needs and advice you to go with electronic versions of your favorite reading materials. This will surely help in managing weight and space that a whole stack of books and magazines would have taken otherwise.

Hotels are equipped with every item to cater and satisfy their guests in the best way but every additional entertainment need may cost you a few dollars here and there. DVD rentals for example, treat them as you treated your love of reading. Take along with you a copy of the movies you would want to watch when on vacation and save the dollars for later use.

Having these gadgets will make you self sufficient and you won’t have to depend on the hotel for helping you meet your tech savvy-ness!