Towers TriPeak is a Solitaire game with HD graphics and amazing sound effects.There is a of deck of cards placed,the values of which is compared with the cards arranged in pyramid design on the board.The aim is to clear the board for which there is timer set for each round,if you are unable to clear the board within time,then the game is over.There are lives in the form of Hearts which gets refilled in every 10 minutes.It depicts the number of games we can play in a row.There are Gold coins and Silver coins which can be used to buy Hearts and Power ups.Power ups help in the progress of the game which can be bought after reaching level 5.These are in different forms such as Timer Freezer ,Jester ,Power Deck.The Timer Freezer can be achieved after level 5,here the timer freezes for a moment while collecting the bonus card.The Jester can be achieved after level 9,here any card on the board can be viewed before the start of the game.The Power Deck can be achieved after level 11 where we can get 10,000 points on collecting the bonus card each time.There are Timed Ordened cards for which we get 1,000 points whenever we pick up and clear the bonus card.Its value keeps on increasing with stages.

This game is very addictive with advanced features.Because of its HD graphics feature and amazing sound effects,it has turn out to be more attractive.As you proceed with the advanced stages,you get more rewards with your increasing achievements.This makes the game more addictive.The best thing about this game is that,we don’t get any advertisements in the middle while playing,which is the common problem faced by the people in most of the games.You don’t need to buy this game,its free of cost.Only if you want to buy extra gold or silver coins,you can buy by paying the actual amount or currency.It again depends on the indivisuals who aim for higher achievements and experience.This game can be connected through Facebook and one can challenge his Facebook friends in the tournament and win gold and silver coins according to the rank he achieves in 3 day tournament.

It is secure as it only asks for basic Facebook information to get one’s id and friend list when they connect it through Facebook.It does not publish one’s feeds of the game without permission.It stores all the progress data when one plays the game from different locations may it be computer or browser or device but only if it has active and stable internet connections with the game server.So, virtually it depends on the internet connectivity because when the connection deviates, there is syncronization issue.It does not support multi-user environment ,only one logged in Facebook user per device can play this game at a time.If different Facebook user wants to connect with his profile in the same device,then he has to uninstall the game from the phone and then login with his user id and then install and start to play the game.The tournament cannot be played alone , atleast 2 players are required.Anyways , its optional to connect through Facebook.

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