Toshiba is a leading company when it comes to displays and screens. But recently with the launch of the Toshiba Regza RZ1 3D TV, the company has definitely outdone itself. This is because it is the world’s first 3 D TV that needs no glasses. A look at the specs of the TV first:

Pros: You have to take a look at the TV to believe that this is a masterpiece and really one of its kinds. The 3D picture this TV pitches o to your eyes is amazing. The TV will definitely make your breathless with its quad full HD display. This means that it has four times the number of pixels than the brightest and the sharpest Full HD TV in the market. This means the picture on this TV is the sharpest, the crispiest that ever were. One look at the TV and you will definitely start drooling. The size of the TV is also a big advantage because such a fine picture quality can on a large screen. But the 3D picture that this piece of technology offers has definitely set a bench mark for the others.

Cons: The TV is undoubtedly the mother of all screens present in the world but it comes at a very heavy duty price, nearly four times the price of the Full HD TV. This means that not many of us can buy this TV and Toshiba is just showcasing its victory over other manufacturers in bringing the first glasses free 3D TV to the market.

If you are ready to shell out such a massive amount of money for this television then be aware that there are not any videos being shot in quad HD. Otherwise this TV is definitely ahead of its times.