Are you getting bored at home during the quarantine time? I think it’s the first time we have ever faced this situation which is just out of control. All of us are sitting in our homes in different countries, States, cities, etc. and following social distancing which is mainly an effort to slow the speed of Covid-19 and continue to be in effect indefinitely. Some people are doing work from home, some are doing household work when there is no domestic help, while some people are spending time with their family. In short, they are doing everything while following the quarantine rules just to keep them and their family safe. Sometimes I have a thought that life seems to be slipping from our hands. And then I have a second thought as well and I realise that this is the time that we can spend precious moments with our family that we have never had in the past.

It’s our destiny, what will happen to us whether we will survive or not but it’s in our hands that we can live in our present and connect with our friends and family as much as we can. Isn’t it? While every individual has been instructed to say approximately 6 feet apart from each other, the technology still provides a lot of opportunities for socializing with people. Yes, there is an amazing app called Toodls, which has been offered by MaGlobe Inc. All you need is a good Internet Connection, and your time which you already have!

Toodls is basically designed to find, host and organize your social life by hosting online events or in-person interactions. It may be very challenging for the people to socialize online without meeting physically with each other, but still a better solution for us! To begin with, you need to Sign up and complete your profile. You need to tell about your interests and what social events you are looking for! Once completed, you can look for the events or activities in multiple categories such as health and fitness, sports, cooking, hobbies, live music, dining, education, etc. You can also host an event or join other’s events and invite people to join as well!

If you are organising any event you can control it and you have the options to manage who they prefer to join their event. You can host an online virtual event such as a live yoga session from your home, live music concert from your backyard or a hobby class or anything else. You will be able to organise a private event where you can invite guests that you would like at the event, for example an all women’s mind testing event. Moreover, you can organise a public event where the host could invite all users to participate such as a hiking event! You can set-up the event and allow the host to approve participants. Once they have joined, you can start the event easily and keep socializing during these tough times!

Overall, Toodls is a safe and secure app to use and doesn’t show irritating advertisements, nor sell your data or personal information to any third party! You are the admin and can control what you want to disclose or keep private! So keep socializing and let this time pass happily!  Get the app now on the Android as well as iOS platforms. I recommend it to everyone atleast in this quarantine time!

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