Conferences and seminars at corporate levels could be intimidating and demanding enough when looking to ensure all the underlying arrangements in proper place to make the meeting a successful one. In the same way, video conferencing can throw up the challenges of its own to the organizers and the participants alike. Upon all these rigorous prerequisites, when you add the technical apprehensions, which are brought into equation by the ever-vulnerable technical gadgets and devices, the situation becomes all the more stifling. However, there are a few tips for conducting a successful video conference that could help you out with the entire procedure.

  • First of all, check out all if the pertaining arrangements required for a video conferencing are set in proper order including the conference table, hardware (cameras, microphones, speakers and LCD’s), wiring arrangements and the overall lighting arrangements.
  • Then, there is the discipline facet attached to the conferencing that must be stringently brought under consideration. All the necessary measures must be undertaken to ensure an uncompromised and uninterrupted video conferencing. All the cell phones, PDA’s and beepers must be turned off (or put to silent at least) to ensure a calm and unruffled environment. At best, the effort must be to create a pin-drop silent atmosphere as the microphones used in the video conferencing are capable enough to pick any slightest of the noises made by the participants (intentionally or accidentally).
  • Follow the policy of simultaneous conversation and allow one party to put forth their motive at any given instance. Speak in a measured, loud and clear manner.
  • Make sure that the available Internet bandwidth is capable enough to support video conferencing effectively and uninterruptedly.