When purchasing a new printer there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, for instance price, pages per minute, size and the cost of ink refills.  With today’s technology there are a lot of affordable options available to you when choosing to purchase printer.  Most manufacturers have models available with little as $20.  Prices however can range anywhere between the $20 mark at upwards of $400.  Knowing what you are going to use a printer for will help you choose what price ranges best suit you.

If you are going to be doing a lot of printing but do not require the need for Color print jobs than a standard laser printer that option.  However if you are going to require a lot of quality black-and-white printing as well as color printing then perhaps a laser inkjet combo Will better suit your needs.

Pages per minute is a pretty simple concept basically it’s just that, how many pages your printer will print every minute. If you plan on using your printer for large printing jobs and higher page for minute rate would be most desirable however if your only using your printer for occasional projects a lower page for minute rate will do just fine. The higher the page per minute rate is usually the higher the cost associated with the printer you’re purchasing.

Size is another factor to consider when purchasing a printer. A three in one printer copier scanner combo can be a desktop behemoth. If space is a consideration than taking into account the size of the printer you’re purchasing will also figure in to your buying factor. In many cases the smaller the unit the less it will do.

There are many affordable options on the market today when it comes to buying a printer. Taking into account your basic office needs and your overall budget deciding which printer is best for you will be a breeze.