Fantastic moments bring great happiness to a point that different individuals feel obliged to share them with close friends. Such moments could have been experienced during vacations, trips, night out, and even when enjoying performances from a new culture of people. It is apparent that individuals would wish to share such photos in real-time with a great proof of their exact locations during that time. Now, this has been made real with the fast-trending TimeSet app which has been designed by the Time Inc. Users can now share great photo moments with their loved ones and other people using the geo-location information provided. This social app opens an amazing way to exploration and brings great interconnection of different explorers from all over the world. The design, graphics and efficiency displayed in this app proves how exceptional this app is.

Getting into the TimeSet app

With an efficient platform, TimeSet app is set to give its users a simple but yet intuitive display. Once an individual has been logged in the provided TimeSet account, one can proceed to create a profile and make new friends. The next thing will involve capturing high quality photos using the built-in camera which will provide geo-location details. After applying formatting features(such as resizing, cropping and filters), the next thing is posting the picture followed by a small phrase explaining what transpires in the picture. Be ready for comments, likes and different shares besides getting location following from other users. The interactive nature of this app is quite efficient and motives an individual to understand that there are other explorers out there in the world ready to share different experiences.

What about Compatibility?

Before downloading this app, the user should ensure that the device is well-compatible to efficiently support the app. Thus, currently, this app works well with Android devices which should be version 4.1 or later.

Check below for the features that are evident in this great app:


Set goals in bucketlist

The bucketlist is an amazing tab that allows users to set different goals that are based on their personal exploration desires. By setting different goals on such exploration, they tend to motivate an individual for a great exploration in the future. With lots of categories provided, one can always sort for the outstanding interests worth pursuing; for instance, travel, game playing, movie watching and education.

Get ready for world’s exploration

Getting a chance to share different exploration experiences with other people can be quite interesting. Apparently, this will not only offer an opportunity to learn but also a chance to interact and identify related interests from other individuals. TimeSet app offers an opportunity for a global exploration and social interaction; all in one platform at convenient locations. It is time to discover and identify unknown fantastic areas in the world with TimeSet app.

Participate in the community

A community is meant to bring individual with related interests together. Such individuals can comfortably chat, express their interests in details and even organize for joint exploration. TimeSet app also offers a community that can be created from the bucketlist with common features. Different individuals can get a chance to know each other better and come up with adventures that can bring them together.

Control the audience and locations

Taking privacy into account, TimeSet app has established a platform where the safety of each individual is well-catered for. Individuals can easily interact with the entire TimeSet community or choose to manage their audience and locations. This can be facilitated by filtering followers, friends or locations. The main purpose of this action is to ensure that each user is comfortable when browsing on TimeSet app.


Subscribe to posts or get followed by people

There are some posts that one might find interesting to follow. In such a case, the user of TimeSet app can opt to subscribe to certain posts based on their locations in order to get constant updates. On the other hand, an individual can decide to share with friends a story into the adventure. This can trigger a massive following and great interaction while unraveling such an experience.

Pros and Cons that are notable in this app include the following:


· Amazing interaction from community

· Fantastic adventures with friends

· Easy to set goals in bucketlist and achieve them

· Lots of exploration categories to choose from

· Fantastic user-friendly interface


· Slowdown performance in loading

· Mild profanity noted


Getting an app that allows an individual to share happiness with friends and other users through exploration is exceptionally interesting. TimeSet app is exactly such kind of app that focuses on providing an amazing adventure experience to its users under a single platform. With its great goal of achieving social connection and global exploration, this app is truly a next-gen modern app for real-time photography in different geo-locations. It is worth recommending for download. Get it today for free on the Google Play.

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