The frustration of going to call or text somebody only to find out they changed their contact information is real. Throughout our personal and professional lives we collect various pieces of contact information from those we meet – emails, phone numbers, business cards, social media handles and so on. But over time, those details change and it’s impossible to manually maintain. That’s where HomePage comes in.

HomePage is a real time phone book that encompasses all the ways people communicate and connect in the 21st Century. But it stores more than just phone numbers, you can save your email address, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel and other social media handles. It’s the all-in-one, real time contact list.

What about privacy? HomePage gives you control. You can add people to ‘Contacts’ if you want to only share select information with them, such as a phone number or email address. ‘Connections’ are for close family and friends who you’d like to share your wider contact information with.

For your ‘connections’, HomePage also acts as a closed-network social media platform. It’s an incredible, convenient way to share memories and moments with your circle. Post pictures, videos, statuses and chat all from within the app.

HomePage also makes business cards obsolete. As the HomePage CEO said “You’re not connecting when you hand out a business card, you’re not even really networking; you’re just wasting paper”. Whether you’re in the same room or not, your contact information can be shared instantly. Because everything is stored on the cloud, the contact information you’ve exchanged will be up to date, making the connections you create at networking events far more valuable.

To download HomePage, visit the App Store, Google Play or through the website at