As we all know hoverboard is the updated version of manual skateboard. It was very tiresome ride with manual skateboard. You can’t play it for more than an hour. Especially for kids, it’s very hard to take a ride with manual skateboard. Now there is different best self balancing scooter launched from different manufactures. Some are offering for kids and some brands offering it for adults. For example if we talk about GOTRAX, the most of its hoverboards are for kids. But on other hand if we see other brands like GYROOR and EPKIGO, theirs hoverboards are most updated and powerful which is best for adults only.

Here we will discuss with you the hoverboard which is best for kid and adult too. The name of this hoverboard is Segway miniPRO self balancing scooter.

Segway miniPRO Self Balancing Scooter Review


  • Mobile app provided
  • Theft mode Alarm
  • Road Adaptive
  • Certified UL 2272


  • Not good for terrain surface
  • Under 5 won’t play

Before we start to discuss about its features and specs, I want to tell you that this hoverboard is best for the age more than 5 years old. Also, girls can use it while going to their tuition classes in the evening. To take a ride with Segway miniPro self balancing scooter will be one of your most comfortable ride ever.

Now I am going to tell you its specs, features and design from the depth. Also tell you the difference between this hoverboard and others.

For balancing, a knee supportable handle is installed on it. The length of the handle is 1.5 to 2 feet and can be easily fixed between both legs. The 10.5 inches tires which are big enough as compare to other hoverboards. The air filled tires are used in it. In some of the self balancing scooter, there is a rubber filled tires are used.

A very large space is provided for your feet so you can easily stand and balance your body on it. A rubber pad is fixed on the feet’s surface. It helps to provide full friction to your foot and stop them for slipping while riding.

Two front lights are installed which helps you while you’re playing it at night. These LED lights are work as headlight for your hoverboard. Two LED stripes are installed at the back of this self balancing scooter as well.

Why Segway miniPro?

The top speed of Segway miniPro self balancing scooter is 10 miles per hour which is good enough to climb more than 15 degrees incline surface. If it is fully charged, you can travel it for long and covers up to 14 miles. Adults may want a high speed hoverboard because they gets bore with slow speed. So this is the best for them.

Moreover, the app is provided with it. Using the app, you can customize its features. You can install it on both android and IOs. You can adjust the lights colors, modify safety features, upgraded firmware and you can also move the directions of this self balancing scooter with app.

Segway miniPro specs and features

For high speed, People may reject the best hoverboard because they are expert and playing it for a very long time. I am exciting to tell you that this self balancing scooter have duel motor installed. It means it has double speed than the previous ones that you played before.

As well as, it can be played at the steep surface using its duel motor. But for steep riding, it is little difficult to play and very hard to handle. You must have an experience of playing the hoverboard. Beginners do not have to play it on incline surface.

With all of that, I am also want to share it with you its tires are road adaptive. It doesn’t  mean that you can play it at terrain surface or hilly areas. As I told you that its tires are air filled so it can be damage while you are playing in these surfaces. Road adaptive means, it can be easily play on all type of plane roads e.g. mud, brick road and on the coal-tar road. In each of the surface you can play it comfortably.

And how I can forget that it is UL 2272 certified which means it is completely saved from all type of fire hazards.

Verdict about Segway MiniPro self balancing scooter

Best hoverboard for adult. If you’re looking for the ride that can help you to reach your near destiny for example shopping purposes, going to tuition centers or near academy then this is perfect self balancing scooter for you. Moreover, if you are seeking for the gifts for your adult son/daughter, please choose Segway MiniPro for him/her. I think this will be the best gift them of the current year.