General Knowledge is essential for both kids as well as adults. Many apps are now available in the market and they have helped us gather knowledge on so many fields. When you want something more than just a quiz? Here you go! Mindoo comes with different game modes that provide a long-term motivation when you want to restore your knowledge.  

Mindoo comes with topics on seven different categories: Art, People, Miscellaneous, Politics and Economy, sport, Geography, Transportation and Traffic. The app comes with carefully chosen questions on the different categories so that you can test and improve your knowledge on them. The app is so much fun and you will gain knowledge more willingly. Every individual will be able to strengthen their knowledge when they answer these questions one by one.

Belonging to the Education or Trivia genre, Mindoo comes with content that helps boost your knowledge. Users can play this app anywhere and at any time even when they are offline as they don’t need any internet connectivity. You need not have any email id or social media login to play this game. Mindoo has more than 130 different categories of quiz questions in the unlimited version of the app. What amazed me most is the plethora of topics for example; if you choose Art you have questions on topics like book, theatre, music, song, film, painting and a lot more. The list of quiz goes on with the different categories.

The app is so colourful and is a breeze to use. Mindoo comes with two different game modes namely: shuffle and original. The app gives the score that you have obtained for each topic and it is marked for 100%. It comes with instructions and tips on the game so that you can carry on without any hassles. The share icon on the app helps you to share this awesome game with your kith and kin through social media.

Mindoo comes for free download and is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The app is suitable for both the young and the adults. The app helped me improve my IQ and test my general knowledge on these topics. The team of Mindoo checks and updates all the content every now and then and this would serve as a great motivation to improve your knowledge. You can help and report errors directly in the game or send in your own question ideas when you contact the team on

Download Mindoo today and see how good your knowledge is in different fields. 

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