Wondering which will be the best mobile browser using which you can easily surf the web in the best possible way? Then it will be wise for you to try out the Tangram mobile browser that will help you to analyze process, collaborate and store data in an efficient way. Below have been discussed some of the features of this unique Browser that will surely enable you to surf the web in a better way.

  • Explore multiple website conveniently

This is supposed to be one of the vital features of this web browser. Now you will get the opportunity to surf multiple websites and thereby get the valuable information without wasting any amount of time. This powerful web browser automates each and every aspects of surfing the web and thereby will help you in minimizing the wastage of your valuable time and effort.


  •  Get the opportunity to store the session

This is also one of the major features of the Tangram mobile browser. Now you can easily store your previous session and even start the new session without wasting the previous data. The ultimate objective of this browser is to help the user in experiencing not only the start of the session in better way but also the end of the specific session in a smart way.

  •  Input multiple queries

This is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of this unique browser. Now you will get the opportunity to input multiple browsers or queries at any point of the time by just pressing the omnipresent FAB button on the screen of your mobile.


  • Link-Handling feature

This is surely one of the unique features of this powerful mobile browser. Even though you have opened a specific link on different browser, it will automatically get appeared on the Tangram mobile browser.

  •  Get the opportunity to organize and analyze

This is surely a major feature of this unique and powerful mobile browser. With the various powerful tools of this browser, you can not only save the various sessions but also get to analyze in order to determine the best possible information.


By going through the features of the Tangram mobile browser, you must have become aware about the benefits of installing it in your device. Some of the benefits have been highlighted below.

  •  Enable you to surf the web in a speedy and effective way.
  • Get the opportunity to save each session and thereby start from where you left out.
  •  Use the Fab button to surf multiple sessions instantly.
  •  Provides the user to bookmark the entire session by just swiping on the screen.
  •  Get the opportunity to collaborate each and every session with friends and colleagues in an efficient way.
  •  Will be able to store the tabs in order to analyze the fact in a later date.


  •  A new user may get some sort of problem while using all the features of the browser but with gradual use it’s sure to be user friendly.


With such huge number of benefits of using this powerful browser, a user must install it in his device in order to try it once and feel the difference. The browser will also save huge amount of valuable time and thereby improve the speed of surfing session in an effective way.

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