I’ve been looking for the best platform to provide compliant workplace solutions for my construction company. I came across Tactile keys, an online mobile work order management platform with all the features I need. After using it for just a few days, I’m confident with my decision and their customer service is top-notch! It’s been just over a month now and we have seen significant improvements in our productivity levels.

Tactile Solutions is a company devoted to providing accessible solutions for people with disabilities. They have the Tactile Touch app which has a wide range of accessible solutions that fulfil all current federal requirements. The Tactile Touch app provides an interactive experience by allowing users to explore the different touchable products and find out more about them.

The Tactile Touch app also has an interactive map that allows users to find nearby businesses that offer products or services for people with disabilities. This map is broken down into zones so it’s easier for you to locate what you need in your area.

Description Of Tactile solutions

What do Tactile Solutions have in store for you?

Download the Tactile Solutions app to check out a wide range of accessible solutions that fulfil all current federal and provincial standards! We offer a promise of quality and assurance. We love to deliver the same. Tactile Solutions offers a diverse variety of prominent brands for tactile walking surface indicators ranging from cast iron and stainless steel to different wayfinding tactile and a vast range of photoluminescent (PLM) exit signs and exit path marking.

Take Away

This is the place to go if you’re looking for compliance. I had a short deadline and my boss needed something done for our company to comply with regulations. The other apps I tried either didn’t provide a compliant solution or were too complicated to use, but Tactile Solutions was up to the task and as easy as pie!