The internet can be a pretty tough place, especially on social media. Whether it’s rants, arguments or general negativity, the more good we can put back into the world, the better it’ll be. That’s why Awesome, available to download on Google Play and iOS, is here.

It’s a social network all about doing good things. You earn points for completing ‘challenges’ for tasks as simple as getting a random person a coffee, or surprising your loved one. The app also promotes helping causes through generating awareness such as helping the Humane Society find homes for abandoned pets. Points can also be earned when more people share and engage with the things you post, encouraging quality content. The more points you earn, the more ‘wow’ your profile becomes. The ring around your profile picture gets more colorful, brighter and more animated as you level up.

The points feature integrates seamlessly with the core social media experience – which is also great. You can post, share and interact with friends, family and other users as well as share your Awesome stuff across other social channels.

Competing against friends for the top spot on the leader board is another nice feature to encourage users to complete challenges and post quality content, racing to accumulate the most ‘Awesome Points’ over the course of a week. If you have points to spare, you can send gifts to other players in the form of cute, animated gold coins to help them level up faster.

So whether you’re looking for a fresh new social network to hang with friends and family while spreading kindness and positivity, check out Awesome. It’s available to download free on Google Play and iOS now.