The newly released “Space Barriers” is an iOS exclusive title with what appears to be promising potential! With a different twist on traditional puzzle games and some very unique and stunning graphics this game is definitely entertaining and will keep you occupied in those moments when boredom strikes! In this review I will cover gameplay, controls and ease of use.

The menu structure of Space Barriers is very clean and has a bit of nostalgia sprinkled on top! At first glance you’ll feel like you’re playing an updated version of Tetris, however Space Barriers is far from that! The gameplay is centered on avoiding obstacles to get the ball into the goal. Unlike so many games that seemingly copy, paste then slightly modify each level, Space Barriers is something truly unique! Each level has a distinctive tone to the increasingly difficult puzzles!


The graphics on this game are stunning! Objects move fluidly in real time and the levels feel natural. Where most games feel cold and callus as if the developers increase the difficulty to the level where only AI can beat it, Space Barriers manages to maintain a natural feel while constantly testing your ability with new challenges! This game has 100 levels and as you begin to play and become confident in the earlier stages, that will soon diminish as you increase within the ranks! Definitely not a con as a challenging puzzle game always gets my mind hot & ready!

Space Barriers does a great job with enticing you to keep playing until days end. As you progressively beat levels you’ll find yourself talking smack to the game betting wages as if you were in front of a blackjack dealer on the Vegas strip! It does a great job at creating a competitive edge within yourself to always test your skills!

The play style and metrics are something to get used to at first as the swipes seem to be on a natural delay that you will have to master in order to avoid obstacles, and there are plenty to avoid! This game is simple, yet it shouldn’t be taken for a wimp! It becomes really challenging once you begin to progress through the levels. With each new level the design shifts and I must say the Dev’s of this game did a great job at progressing the difficulty of each puzzle naturally amongst one another.

Each level is stunning and unique with simple changes in design that make a big difference between how each new puzzle must be approached. I find it very fascinating how the developers were able to create 100 puzzle games and combine them into one presentation!

All in all Space Barriers is a really cool App Store download to check out! Whether you’re bored or just want something fun and challenging to stimulate your mind, I would highly recommend you give it a test play! It’s available on the App Store for free now! A simple yet intricate puzzle game with great visuals and a challenging objective mixed with great gameplay that is highly addictive! Go download Space Barriers today!

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