If you are a voracious reader, you might wonder how to take your books with you wherever you go. With the advent of modern technology, mobiles have bought books to your hand. They save space and they give you the opportunity to read at the time of your convenience.  One book that fascinated me and took me to the world of mystery is Sophrosyne.

Sophrosyne is added to the ‘News and Magazines’ category of apps and is suitable for all those above 16 years of age. It is a series of short stories delivered by smartphone for the detective on the move. Launched on 2nd November 2019, it is available at a price of 2.99 and it gives you access to ten commute length stories. Sophrosyne is a term that is derived from the Greek mythology and the app features stories with characters from it.

Whether you own an Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet, this excellent reading app gives you the story that holds your interest for long. Calliope, Clio, Thalia, Ouriane, Terpsichore, Erato, Melphomene, Euterpe and Polyhymnia are the Greek Muses. As you tap on ‘The Muses’ button in the app, you can read the story of them. When you click on the ‘Also by Felix’ icon you can see the other works of the author.

The story is about Detective Hubert Maimone of the Didymus police force who solves a series of bizarre deaths all leading back to him. You may never want to put it down unless you uncover the mystery. The story is so interesting and is one perfect creation by the author. Author Felix long began his writing with his first novel, ‘Conquer Heaven’ which talks about ‘Indiana Jones’ when he meets up with ‘Big Trouble in China’. You can make a purchase of the book through this app as well.

The author has also planned to rewrite Habnab and work on HuldoFolk Magic after that. He also has another three books in his mind to work on later. Other short stories written by the author are The Interview, The Dog Catcher, Game of Stones, Softening the Blow and Couldn’t be…and they are wonderful to read. If you love these stories, you can like and share them with your friends on Facebook.

The official website of the author is: https://felixlong.co.uk/ . Here you can know more about the author and subscribe to his mailing list. If you have any enquiries you can very well mail at felixlongenquiries@gmail.com. Download Sophrosyne today and start reading the best mystery story ever.