Sonos Playbar has been one of the most awaited devices, which enhances your TV sound quality. Finally, the playbar is on sale and it’s really worth a wait. Here is review on this must have device –


The company which gives high focus on design, it is surprising to see it offering speakers in plain form, especially when compared with slick marketing photography. Sonos Playbar offers the simple and aesthetic design which doesn’t attract much attention but that’s what most of the users are really looking for in home audio system.

Though playbar has a mediocre profile, it helps the device from getting the proper signal from remote sensor of TV. This directly removes the drawback observed in most of the other sound bars available in market. Even if a user has TV with extremely low remote sensor, Playbar repeats all the remote signals which it receives from front panel. Overall, your all remote signals will definitely make it to TV.

Features Offered:

Sonos is highly reputed for multi-driver and decent app configuration for wireless speakers and Playbar truly delivers it without any exception. With three separate tweeters, midrange drivers and separate Class D amplifier, Playbar can be only sound bar offering unique amplifier configuration for every driver. This will ultimately result in enhanced output capabilities, better clarity and low diversion at high volumes.

Another important feature Sonos Playbar offers is its versatile design and settings. It can be positioned against a wall and on the top of A/V stand. The rubber bumpers on the backside smoothens the wall placement without damaging the contacting surfaces. Since company doesn’t clear anything about virtual surround processing, we can assume that it’s unavailable. However, you can add additional speakers such as Play 3 and the device expands into highly surrounded sound system.

Sound Quality:

In short, Sonos Playbar is significant improvement over highly impressive flatscreen TVs. The width of soundstage is very exciting and it features intricate details like tonal balance which TV cannot deliver. All drivers behind grille are judiciously angled upwards thereby offering highly atmospheric sound. It sacrifices little impact as well as directness. Besides this, a 3.0 Playbar can be transformed into a 3.1 system by just adding £600 on the Sonos Sub. Sonos Playbar may receive good feedback from true enthusiastic and music lovers.

Bottom Line:

If you want a simple yet elegant device that can enhance sound of your TV then Sonos Playbar is definitely a logical choice. Sonos Playbar is meticulously designed and creates perfect surround. It is well suited for current Sonos customer instead of new buyers. The device is also offers wireless streaming capability which is major bonus for people looking for highly integrated and most practical networking solution. However, the heavily processed sound of Playbar may not please purists. It is also bit expensive and there are some better alternatives available in the similar price range. Most of the users will be comfortable and prefer some low cost Bluetooth or Airplay options.