Solitaire is one of the world’s oldest card games and for good reason – it’s super fun! But it lacks the fast-paced fun and action of today’s mobile games. Solitaire Time Warp has bridged that gap and brought Solitaire into the modern mobile gaming era with familiar gameplay and a ton of new features.

Fusing familiar Solitaire gameplay with unique layouts and progressive difficulty, there’s a challenge to face no matter how good you think you are at the game. To add a little extra spice, you’ll need to face and overcome obstacles in each level such as locks, bombs and card eaters. Keep your streak meter full to earn extra stars and coins, which you use for progression. There’s a healthy amount of action and a good sense of pressure – but without detracting from the fun of the game.

Each world – from Egypt and Atlantis to China and the Wild West – has its own unique art style and music, keeping the game visually fresh as you progress. The game has a lot of content already, but the developers are always adding more worlds and features to enjoy. Overall it’s an exciting take on Solitaire – especially if you find the classic version of the card game to be a little long-winded.

Download the game today on iOS and Google Play for free!