I, as a marketing professional travel a lot and come in proximity to different devices and Wi-Fi systems. There is a high risk that prying eyes might take control of my mobile phone and hack the most confidential data. I have a lot of worries whenever I am among people and often wondered if I would be able to know about all the devices around? When I discussed this with my friend, he suggested the app named Snifferton.

Given by the seller Thomas Thompson, Snifferton is an app that comes in handy when you want to locate all the devices that are closer to you. When a bluetooth device comes in contact with your device, you will be able to know about it. You will also be able to mark individual devices and track their activity.

In Snifferton, you will find the dashboard where you can see the total number of devices and the time period they were near you. It is given with a time frame and it tells the info of the newly added devices. The name of the devices that are close to you along with the signal strength is specified in Snifferton. It can be an iOS or Android device or a camera, laptop or a TV, the app doesn’t miss any.

Snifferton has many important features that are greatly useful. With Snifferton, users will be able to track as many devices as they want to. It allows for saving multiple locations and having it synced up with other devices. Using this app, one can scan devices that are up to the size of half a football. It tells you whenever a new device comes closer to your smartphone.

This utility/productivity app is available only for iOS users and needs iOS 13.2 or later versions. Available in English, it occupies a limited space of 1.1 MB and is suitable for all those above 4 years of age. The updated version comes with an enhanced location manager usage. With the family sharing set up in the app, a maximum of six family members can use this.

Snifferton for iOS is the ultimate solution when it comes to knowing who and what is near you. When you know these details, you can be cautious and kudos to the team for coming up with this awesome idea. The company gives you a promotional offer and a subscription at a price of 4.99 USD pre tax per month.

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