Packing has been made easy and more organized by the snap n pack app. Packing can be a lot of work and can be messy and frustrating. This app takes packing to a whole new level and saves on time and energy while making your packing process flawless. The app can be used for both small scale and large scale packing. The concept of the app is very innovative and it’s what makes the packing process easy.

The first step of using the app is to download it. Once you download, you are presented with an orange interface which has a dashboard. The dashboard has options of packing a new box, unpacking a box, printing QR code and for logging out. Once you download the app, you take pictures of what you are packing and then you print the QR codes of those items. The QR codes have labels that you will place on each box of packed materials. This ensures that your items are organized well and they are well labeled for easy identification.

The snap n pack app has few features which makes the app easy to use. There is the snap photos feature. Once you log in the app and choose to pack a new box, you are presented with a feature that allows you to take pictures of what you are packing. After taking the pictures, you click on the print QR code which will generate easy to read labels for the materials in the boxes. After creating the QR codes with labels, you print the labels and attach them to each packed box. The QR codes help you identify the items in the packed boxes when unpacking or when looking for something in the boxes.

Printing of the codes is easy and is done by just a click. The app also takes just a few moments to produce the QR codes hence making packing fast and effortless. This app can be used for all sorts of packing. Whether you are packing to relocate, packing for a vacation or packing away things that you no longer need, snap n pack app is the best app to use. The app is also very helpful for unpacking since with the labels you can easily remember what you packed in each box. This saves a lot of time and energy that you would use to rummage through boxes trying to remember what was packed weeks or months ago

Pros of the app

· The app has a simple interface that is easy to use

· Saves on time and energy

· Contents of boxes can easily be viewed and identified

Cons of the a

· No known con of this app

Overall, snap n pack is an innovative app that makes life easy and fun. You can now pack and unpack faster and easily with this app. The app is free and can be easily accessed and it helps you organize your materials effectively. The app also helps you remember where each item is kept.

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