Suppose, you went on a trip with your family or colleagues and you want to fax something very urgent related to your business. What will you do? Do you carry your fax machine with you for your business needs? You must be thinking what a silly question I’m asking! But, I’m not kidding! It’s a very serious and genuine question and I’ve got the answer. You can carry a fax machine on your mobile phone with the help of Smart Fax. Yes, from the comfort of your own home or office, you can send faxes using your mobile phone just by downloading and installing the app on your device.

It’s a smart and intelligent app, especially designed for the contractors, businesses, freelancers or any other small or large scale businesses where fax is required. It has been developed by Hyperact and it’s compatible with all the latest versions of the Android Operating System. It’s available for free as well as in-app purchases which you can subscribe to later to get new offers packages. Doesn’t that sound great? So let’s introduce you more about the app!

You can send almost anything you wish to send. For example- documents, receipts, photos, IDs, sticky notes, posters, cards, letters, newspapers, screens, licences, certificates, sheet music and much more. It takes only a few minutes to scan and send the documents. Just enter the recipient’s name, select the document and then enter send. It’s a very easy and handy app for all your fax needs.

From the comfort of your own phone, you can click pictures of any kind of document, whether it’s for business expenses or legal contracts.

You can also enhance your documents with image correction tools. You can send fax documents in hundreds of countries, anytime. Moreover, send faxes by email and vice versa. You can turn on the notifications of the app when you send or receive any fax so that you never miss any important document. To make the app more convenient to use, organize your fax archive by adding notes to your sent and received faxes. You can select the contacts from your mobile phonebook or mail contact list and send a fax immediately directly from the address book.

Overall, SmartFax is a very easy to use app that a 5-year old can figure out. It has a lot of features that any business can make great use of. With the free version, the users can send faxes quickly and effectively. However, it’s premium subscription will fulfill your overall faxing needs. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

Forget about landlines and phone lines when you have Smart Fax with you!

Pros: easy to use app; amazing features; scans multiple documents at a time; send fax quickly; over 40+ file extensions; export faxes to PDF and JPEG; free as well as in-app purchases available.

Cons: not found.

Worth Having App – Download the App