With the the Xbox connect recently hit the market In the US on November 4 2010. This innovative, technologically enhanced And creative game controller has taken the gaming world by storm. In essence the Xbox connect some motion sensor camera that utilizes proprietary technology to create a completely unique gaming experience. In essence your body becomes the controller for the game you’re playing on your Xbox. The Xbox kinetic has been met with critical acclaim.

The overall size of the unit is relatively small. The small black oblong box that has several, what appears to be lenses along the front of it. The unit plugs directly into your Xbox. The unit sits in front of the display facing the player.Proper positioning of the unit is essential. Think of it as a larger version of the sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii.

The retail cost for Xbox connect is in the $149 price range. Although some feel that that is a bit steep for a game controller, the game experience created with the connect is unlike anything that’s been seen before. At that price range the kinetic does include a copy¬† Of kinetic adventure.This game also includes several demos.Overall taking into account the new technology and the enhanced gameplay along with the added software the $149 price tag really is a bargain.

There are some Xbox 360 bundles that will include the kinetic these bundles will be priced appropriately. Starting out at about $300 before you buy an Xbox 350 ass bundle is available although it’s a good price I wouldn’t really recommend it because the system lacks adequate hard drive space. Spending an extra hundred dollars on the 250 GB bundle is definitely the way to go. So if you’re looking for an enhanced gaming experience with your Xbox, then the kinetic is way to go. It isn’t priced completely out of reach and will be a welcomed member of your gaming arsenal.