It all comes down to one simple question, how good is your memory? Are you ready to put it to the test against other people? If the answer is yes, check out the new brain training game MoneyBall on iOS and Google Play.

The premise of the game is easy to understand. You’re shown a sequence of symbols – not abstract, but some will be unfamiliar – and you must remember it then recreate that sequence as quickly as possible. While you might find yourself thinking “Only five symbols, this seems easy” you’re in for a real challenge as the game gets progressively more difficult.  You can play on your own against the clock for some practice and if you’re ready to compete against others, there are tournaments and head-to-head duals for you to earn ultimate bragging rights. Bragging rights isn’t all you earn, you receive chips for being good at the game. Chips are like points and will determine where you end up on the leaderboard. If you make friends – or enemies – along the way, the in-app messaging feature means you can chat and share strategies as you play.

The gameplay gets incredibly challenging and it’s super rewarding when you nail a complicated sequence. While you’re having fun, you’ll be improving your memory and mental fitness at the same time, which is bound to help you get ahead in everyday life. Finally a game that’s actually good for our health!

Whether you’re competitive or you want a more solitary experience, MoneyBall is a great, fun brain training app. Check it out on iOS and Android today!