Collecting SERPs programmatically is a very challenging task for the developers. It has never been easier as we think. However, this task can become easier if we use a comprehensive Google Search API. To be very practical, scraping search results (SERP) manually is a difficult thing to do, that involves captcha-solving, managing proxy services and parsing the constantly changing markup of the results. But, SERP PROXY has a solution to this problem! It provides a Google Search API which has a powerful infrastructure that can process any number of search requests and returns the results in the JSON format in real-time as well! JSON format is a machine and human readable, easy-to-use format.

Basically, SERP PROXY lets you to scrap search engine result pages in an easy and efficient way. It’s ultra fast search result process provides you results quickly and in real time. While searching for SERPs, you can try our Google Search API to simulate a search. The results will be returned in the JSON format which is very easy-to-read and understand.

You can Sign Up on the website for free and get all the parameters needed to get SERPs. As this is a demo only, it has limited the number of search parameters and their selectable values. The whole list of all search parameters can be found in our documentation. So you can use them to make your search more specific.

SERP API has been backed up by a strong infrastructure and provides you enough performance to handle highest request volumes in the industry. You can get SERP from the top search engines such as Google, Yelp, Product Hunt, Trip Advisor and many more. You can easily get access to organic search result pages such as places, ads, snippets and all other Google search modules. You can make 50 API Calls per month and there is no credit card required. It’s forever free!

Features of SERP proxy:

  • Highly scalable

The Google Search API will always provide you enough performance, no matter what the request volume is!

  • Easy to use API

The API is easy to use and understand which returns results in the JSON format that can be easily integrated in any application.

  • Highly accurate

This API returns SERPs which a normal user wants and can easily see and read.

  • Maximum speed

It is powered by s strong infrastructure which returns results very quickly and in real-time.

  • Saves money

You need to pay only what you need and what you get. You can choose the free plans or the custom plan.

  • Location based

It enables you to obtain location based and geolocated search engine results.

Overall, I would say that Catsyproxy is a must have tool for all those who want to get SERPs at their fingertips.

So let’s get started with SERP PROXY. If you have any queries related to the website, you can drop an email to the team and you’ll get answers to all your questions as soon as possible!

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