The struggle for keeping our data private and secure is fiercer than before. All of us own a mobile these days and it is known that all our data can easily be compromised by third parties. People are always in search of new ways to protect their data in spite of sending them across. One app that focuses on keeping your privacy intact with a much advanced encrypted protocol is ShazzleChat.

ShazzleChat is used when you need to send private messages to your friends and family. I wanted to have some space and enjoy my privacy and never wanted my whole life to be public, even with my spouse and kids. This app came in handy and I am glad to use it every day. Offered by Shazzle, LLC, this app has brought a change in the way things used to be with communications. It is very simple to register with the app, find contacts and message them. It gives control on what you want to share and what you must keep with yourself.

ShazzleChat has the following items in the menu namely: Saved Messages, Contacts, Invite Contact, Add Contact, New Group and Settings. Using these different options, you will be able to execute the various functionalities, save messages, invite contacts and set up different groups. The app aids you in importing all your contacts and quickly getting in touch with them.

I love the interface of ShazzleChat and the various functions that are so smooth to handle.  The app protects you from any breach of data. It helps you handle your privacy by making you set a passcode to use the app. As an added feature, it brings in the concept of setting up a self-destructive timer. Once you give the timer to the photos and videos that you share with them, it automatically gets deleted after the specified time limit. This way, you can ensure that your messages are safe and secure.

ShazzleChat never intervenes with your data and no one else can. Users need not have any worries in protecting their data from those prying upon it. Any conversation both personal and business can be maintained confidentially and your documents are safe when sent across.

The private messages, text and no servers to spy on my social network make ShazzleChat the best choice. Download this app today for both iOS and Android devices and start maintaining a network with complete privacy.  

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