Schedulehead has finally released its scheduling tool in the market for the general public to use. It has been said that the company has been working on it lately to improve this cloud-based scheduler. A lot of research has gone into refining and improving this tool. It has made a competitive entry into its niche market in the form of a webapp.

Unlike a majority of the existing scheduling apps, this one has much more than just a calculative spreadsheet.  This patented piece of technology follows the intuitive logic of the human brain and mimics it to a great extent. From hearsay, the founder Derick Dorner worked for three years to write and develop the code for this app. This software app makes decisions just the way a human scheduler would in real life. Factors such as the capability of employees, reliability, experience, past projects and more are taken into account.

In businesses, assigning duties to employees can be time consuming. However, there are bigger and more important tasks that one ought to focus on in order to develop the company. The alternative is to hire a person as a scheduler. This can add to the costs as an unnecessary overhead. Schedulehead is a much more feasible and effective solution to this issue. This app caters to both big and small businesses alike with its simplicity, uniqueness and efficiency.

The review process used for this app has three unique components: late/no show buttons, worker comments and star rating. The star rating is on a scale of one to five, where five means excellent. The next option, late/no show button is for those times when an employee turns up late for work or is absent. The former does not have a very strong effect but the latter sure does. Worker comments is a feedback feature that allows people to provide feedback to your employees. The feedback is almost instant and can be quite helpful indeed.  While positive reviews can enhance the star rating of an employee, negative ones can have an adverse effect on them at the same time.

Working with the app is free of all sorts of complications. To begin, you just have to send a link to your employees where they can sign up. You can assign ‘skillsets’ to your workers to enable the app to grade them while scheduling. Most companies spend an average of 80% of their time on scheduling their employees. Schedulehead helps you save this precious time so that you can invest it in more critical fields. With the feedback, you will learn more about your employees all the time.

The use of intelligent technology in a scheduling app is a relatively new development. There are very few apps in the market that follow on similar models or concepts. Added to that, the base version of the app is free of cost, entitling it to a large share of the market. All changes in staff schedules are updated almost instantly. With all of this, this app is emerging as a monopoly in its niche market.

Good: Automatic human intuitive scheduling

Bad: None

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