Plans are hard to make, aren’t they? We text and talk for what feels like an eternity and rarely meet up in-person. That doesn’t just apply to groups of friends, either, but dating apps and even when it comes to family.

Soone, available to download on IOS and Google Play, encourages us to meet in-person more by taking the traditional social connection app and giving it a unique twist.

The twist is that, once you’ve initiated a connection request, the other person only has 30 minutes to accept it. When they accept it, the chat is only active for 2 hours to minimize wasting time and encourage making and sticking to plans.

To combat catfishing and make the platform safer, your first profile photo will need to be verified so Soone knows it’s actually you. Exact locations are never shared, only approximates, letting you see how many users are in the area without seeing exactly where they are.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic date, new friends to attend a concert with or somebody who has the same hobby as you, Soone makes it easy to build a genuine connection based on in-person meetups. Download the app today on IOS and Google Play!

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