Recently, the Korean technology giant, Samsung has created an opportunity to build a mark in camera market by launching NX300. Since last few years, the company has released wide range of cameras which helped to enhance its status in digital imaging sector. In last couple of years, Samsung has tried to increase lens quality, speed and sensor technology in their cameras which made them a very serious contender in mirror-less camera segment.  NX300 is one of such admirable device from the company which will help it to lead in the whole pack. Here is a comprehensive review of Samsung NX300 with its detail specifications.


Though Samsung NX300 doesn’t have a viewfinder, it boasts about AMOLED LCD touchscreen of 3.3 inch which is easily tiltable. The touchscreen of this device is responsive and it is free from any lag. The screen of NX300 offers whole field view and when viewing the image a user can select to watch 1 out of any 4 – grids, the scale, the histogram and the icons.

Design and Build:

NX300 is highly successful in maintaining the similar design and shapes of NX cameras. It is available in wide range of colors including the special edition brown leatherette. The top part of the camera also offers a sleek chrome finish and a decent hand grip with its appropriate dimensions. The device uses similar kind of built-in dust elimination system which you have observed in NX10 and NX100 models. It can vibrate the sensor more than 50,000 times in each second to eliminate any unnecessary specks to appear in the images.

Image Quality:

When it comes to image quality, Samsung NX300 has lot to offer. A user can cut away his photo if required and have several pixels left for Web posting and smaller prints. Amazing low light performance is one of the most admirable features in the NX300.  It also helps you to do photographing in a way you wish even if the sunlight is not there or candle is your key source of light.

Video Recording:

In case, a user would like to record any moving images, Samsung NX300 will act as a perfect video companion. The unique display flips upward as well as downwards and it helps user to shoot from different viewing angles. One can do a video recording of up to 1080pixel, which means HD videos can be captured at high resolution. Though, a user won’t able to get pictures of Professional TV quality but it does a nice job of adjusting aperture, exposure as well as color balance.

Final Verdict:

The first impression created by Samsung NX300 is extremely positive with similar level of quality which you have experienced in compact system cameras of Samsung. It is a versatile device which has already grabbed the attention of many users. It is very easy to carry for city walks and shooting adventurous videos of awesome quality which a user will be definitely satisfied about. NX300 can be a perfect replacement to your old camera as it offers everything which a SLR is capable to offer.