Samsung’s Galaxy S2 offers a range of features that are still the best in its class – even though the phone is several months old. So, what are they and why do Galaxy S2 contracts stand out in one of the most competitive electronics markets in the worlds? How does it compare to the new iPhone 4S?


One of the standout features of the phone has been its screen. The 4.3in Super AMOLED Plus display improved radically on the already excellent display on the previous Galaxy S. This screen allowed for unbelievable image processing and created some of the most TV like pictures we have seen on a phone.

The ability to create deep blacks with realistic shadows, clear crisp whites and bright vibrant colours with great motion and little blur meant the AMOLED screen could offer users quality never before seen on a hand held device. Couple this with its nice size for watching videos and it is certainly well and beyond the competition. The iPhone 4S may have a higher pixel density, but its screen is a little too small for many features now common on smartphones.


The phone’s processor is also one of the most powerful on any smartphone and we found the Exynos processor to offer excellent multitasking and app powering properties. The fact the phone also comes with 1GB of RAM means it is certainly no slouch and can easily outperform many of its rivals. For example, the iPhone 4S now has a dual core A5 processor, but is still limited to just 512MB RAM.


Cameras are an essential part of phones these days and Samsung really got the balance right with the Galaxy S2. The 1080p video and the 8mp camera combine to create excellent detail and allow for a phone that is one of the best multimedia devices on offer – especially when you take into account the quality of the screen and the fact it comes with DLNA for playback in HD on a larger screen.

Android OS

The Android OS given to the phone from the beginning was the excellent Gingerbread. This means there is no bad taste in people’s mouths when it comes to user experience. Gingerbread also offers some lovely additions in the social media area and is teamed up with the much improved Samsung TouchWiz interface. TouchWiz also lends a lot to the phone experience and really means the device is a dream to use.


Of course in this day and age of minimalist design it would be hard to overlook the aesthetics of the phone and Samsung got it spot on with the Galaxy S2. It is a simple and slim device, which offers a good looking aesthetic to those of that persuasion. The Galaxy S2 looks good and performs like a dream, a combination rarely found in the smartphone industry.

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