The World is getting smaller day by day. Earlier, there were big room-size computers. Then they were transformed into your compact Personal Computers. Laptops reduced the dimensions even further and Smartphones literally pushed your world into your pockets. But the latest in the series is the “Smart-Watch”. Now you don’t even need to slip your hands into your pocket to receive a call. Just pull up your sleeves and speak.

In this war of wears, many big giants have already stepped into the battlefield such as Google, Apple, Sony, etc. But their offerings are way too expensive to afford. So here we have what we call an “affordable-quality” option. It’s called RWATCH M26s.


RWATCH M26s is a Bluetooth enabled Smart Watch that you can connect with both your Android and iOS devices. But first you need to install their app on your device. Once you have done that, you’re almost carrying your Smartphone on your wrist. You can receive/hung up calls, control your camera remotely, view your contacts, make a phone call, control your music player, send a message and watch notifications. While this watch is an accessory to your Smartphone, once you’re using it, its vice-versa.

Talking about the features, RWATCH M26s is equipped with new generation chip with Bluetooh 4.0 connectivity for fast synchronization. Light on weight and size, this watch comes with a Lithium-ion Polymer Battery with a power capacity of 230mAh which makes for long-lasting use once charged.


Apart from these regular functions, RWATCH M26s also helps you to monitor your sleep and improve your quality of sleeping. It records all the statistics regarding your sleeping cycle and helps you optimize your rest level. Moreover, if this Watch crosses a certain limit of distance away from your Smartphone, it’ll automatically raise an alarm and this safety precaution makes sure you never lose it to a thief or to your own mistake. There’s also a Pedometer installed in the device to calculate the distance you travel in a certain interval of time.

When you’re wearing a Smart-Watch on your wrist, it’s visible to everyone. Therefore, it becomes quite a necessity for it to look elegant and bold; something that can match your personality and add to it. RWATCH M26s certainly qualifies this eligibility criterion by a great margin. It’s available in three different colors of Pearl White, Elegant Blue and Piano Black. The rectangular dial with metal casing shines brightly. Moreover, its water-proof quality makes it superior to many others and you can use it even under rough weather conditions.

While other premium gadgets in this segment are priced well above $500, this watch comes at an affordable $25.99. I don’t think you can bargain for a better price than this one. It’s nothing short of a daylight robbery. So don’t wait anymore. Grab your share of cake before it gets out of stock.

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Pros: affordable; elegant metal body; pedometer; anti-lost; notifications; call, receive and hung; selfie.

Cons: none.

I give this gadget 4.5 out of 5 stars.